Fight for the American Dream

Trump Victory is in communities across the country, engaging with Asian American voters. In addition to holding APA-focused events that educate APA communities to better understand political and civic process and encourage them to take leadership roles in community organizing, we are continuing to communicate with media in their native languages to help APA communities to receive accurate and useful information about our country and President Trump’s winning agenda. “Because of President Trump’s leadership and pro-growth policies, we’ve seen our economy soar to historic heights and we’ve also seen it withstand historically unprecedented times. Because of historic trade deals that are in the works, and countless promises kept, President Trump has ushered in a great American comeback and Americans everywhere, especially in the Asian American community, are benefiting from it. The choice for voters this November is clear: let Democrats reverse all the progress that President Trump has made for every community, or continue the great American comeback that he and Republicans have started.”RONNA MCDANIEL, RNC CHAIRWOMAN Would you commit to vote, volunteer, and donate? #4moreyears #MAGA #Trump2020 Sign up HERE: