Does Joe Biden have Dementia?

To all the Korean-Americans out there who actually support and plan to vote for Joe Biden:  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!   Consider the following facts: 

Today is Day 86 since Joe Biden held a news conference, and even his top advisors are unable to explain why he remains in hiding.  His campaign advisor could not explain why Sleepy Joe refuses to take questions from reporters without the help of paper notes or pre-written answers behind his basement camera.  Question:  is Joe Biden sharper now than he was when he ran for president and failed in 1988? Americans aren’t just worried about Joe Biden’s ability to take a call at 2 o’clock in the morning, they’re worried about his ability to take a call at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. 

Further, the left-wing mob controlling Joe Biden’s campaign and the Democratic Party has gone too far. Statues of Teddy Roosevelt and defunding the police is just the beginning, and Joe Biden is too weak to make them stop.

Woke leftists will come after things likeschool curriculum next, followed by Joe Biden's tax hikes for the middle class and small businesses, increased regulations, job-killing policies, liberal Supreme Court Judges, bad trade deals and endless wars.

It’s impossible for Joe Biden to cast himself as a candidate of change when he’s been part of a failed Washington establishment for more than 40 years that created bad trade deals, endless wars, a declining education system and political favors for his friends and anyone with the last name Biden.

Check out this website about #BarelyThereBiden: