Asian Americans Prosper Under Trump

Last month was Asian American month, when our nation honored the 20 million Asian Americans residing across the United States. Like all Americans, the Asian community is struggling due to the COVID-19 outbreak and looking forward to better days ahead.

The Asian American community has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic because many of us are on the frontlines of our healthcare system and service economy. This includes first responders, medical professionals, military service members, grocery store owners, and others — all doing their jobs during this critical time.

But, I am confident our economic fortunes will soon improve thanks to President Trump’s economic leadership, pro-growth policies and commitment to helping all Americans achieve prosperity. I know this because I served as a special assistant to the president for nearly three years.

At the White House, I had the responsibility of leading the president’s outreach to the Senate on economic issues. I worked closely with leaders on Capitol Hill and the president’s economic advisors, such as Gary Cohn and Larry Kudlow.

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