Fight for the American Dream


In early 2016, facing a Presidential election, Korean-Americans formed 2 groups:  Korean-Americans for Bernie and Korean-Americans for Hillary.  What did a socialist and a corrupt politician have to offer the Korean-American community?   Answer:  nothing.  A group of Korean-Americans decided, "We have to do something for Trump."  It started with a Facebook page and a speech at the Republican National Convention.  With nearly every poll predicting Trump's defeat, Korean-Americans for Trump are proud to have stood firmly with our President. 

Korean-Americans for Trump represents a voice for those united for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Grassroots activists willing to challenge the liberal narratives and misinformation that rule the day.  Patriots who love America and want their children to live the American Dream.  Under President Trump's leadership, opportunity and prosperity have abounded for our communities.  We are Korean-Americans who stand with and support our President, who is dedicated to strengthening small businesses, defending family values, and rewarding hard work.  

Will you join the fight?